Ankomst India januar 2020

Qatar Airways flight QR572 from Doha has just landed at Bengaluru International Airport in India. I am back in India on my annual project visit. Outside, the head of our operation in India - SevaChildren India - Dr. John Fernandes is waiting. After almost 24 hours on the go, I start to get so suitably tired. And the journey continues to one of the orphanages we support - Ashanilaya orphanage in Bangalore - and 13 orphaned girls who currently live here. I'll be here for the next two weeks!

When you first get to bed at six o*clock in the morning, it will be a long sleep before I can meet the children. But after school, it is nothing but greetings, play and fun. I really feel at home here already.

In connection with project trips, there are many tasks to be done - this time we will, among other things, find new saris for our village workers in the state of Tamil Nadhu - all of which will be dressed up for the official opening of the rehabilitation of a school that we have performed in one of our working areas. As a "big uncle" from Norway, it is amazing what you are asked to participate in. Today you agreed to find the above saris, bargain prices and complete the trade. Already on the way to the wholesale textile market here in Bangalore, the smells that are so special to India are felt. A mixture of rubbish and animals, people, exhaust from cars and a sewage that also affects the senses of smell. And then the crowd of people - here you are not alone but constantly moving in a throng of all sorts of people: shop owners, shoppers, beggars, sellers with different objects to sell, narrow streets, cars honking. And in the middle of it all, some of us who purposefully move towards the sari shops in the market area.

And the outcome after today's trip? Yes, 17 brand new saris that will surely be highly valued by our employees in connection with the opening of the rehabilitated school.

From my base here at the orphanage, I will keep our readers up to date on my various chores. The height will probably be the Sunday excursion with 100 noisy children of different ages crammed together in 2 buses.

In India, sales and bargaining goes hand in hand. Not like a Norwegian supermarket.
Arrival in India January 2020