The Indian population

Indias befolkning

The population of India exceeded 250 million people in the mid-1920s and 500 million in 1966. During 1999, one billion was passed, and according to UN population statistics, the figure in 2014 was approximately 1.26 billion. In 2020, the population was 1.38 billion - 16 percent of the world's population - with an increase of 1.14 percent a year. These people lived on only 2.45 percent of the earth's land area!

Holi: The Vibrant Festival Of Colours – 29th of March

Holi: Den livlige fargefestivalen – 29. mars

Also known as the festival of colors, Holi is one of the famous festivals of India, celebrated with a lot of fervor across the country. On the eve of Holi, people make huge Holika bonfires and sing and dance around it. On the day of Holi, the famous festival of Indian states, people gather in open areas and apply dry and wet colors of multiple hues to each other, with some carrying water guns and colored water-filled balloons. It tops the charts of 10 famous festivals in India as it is celebrated all across the world with happiness.