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Did you know that SevaChildren has programs to help children with extra tutition after school?

In a series of articles, we will try to update our readers on our overall activities in India - not just our sponsorship program. Article no. 2 is an article that allows you to get an insight into how we help children with extra tutition after school!

We take pride in being able to provide an offer to school children even after ordinary school hours

Extra tuition for children in our programs after regular school hours helps children to better integrate into the local community

SevaChildren is convinced that in order to work effectively with children, we must also work with the children's families and the communities they belong to and are rooted in. Hence, when a child is sponsored, this also contributes to well-being and development not only for the child but also for the child's family and the child's local community. In addition to the various community development projects such as awareness programs, skills training, self-help programs, health camps, water improvement, administration of vitamin A doses and micro-nutrition doses to combat malnutrition, improvement of school infrastructure and study environments, etc. that affect the lives of rural communities significantly, we also have several programs specifically aimed at children. And these are:


Support to school material:

Each child gets all the necessary school equipment such as school bags, school books, notebooks, stationery, etc. In addition, all children also get many personal clothes and warm sweaters that they can wear during the winter.

Help with school home work after school hours:

We have established teaching centers in all the villages where we work. At each of these centers, a teacher teaches children after regular school hours, and helps them complete their schoolwork.

Supplementary nutrition:

After the set time in the extra class, each child receives a nutritious meal of food / biscuits, which are supplemented with extra proteins, calories and other important nutrients such as iron and iodine. These are the basic nutrients needed for children in an adult phase to develop good health. This is a very popular activity at SevaChildren.

Classes for English teaching:

These are held three times a week. Parents are very proud to see that their children can speak English. It is expected that this extra tuition will be able to help to significantly improve the children's chances for jobs in society.

Birthday celebrations:

All the children in the different villages where we work remember when they have a birthday. Once a month we celebrate with all the children in the village birthdays of those who have it this month. Since the self-esteem of these children is low, this is one of the ways we use to try to build their self-esteem. On the birthday, each child is celebrated and receives gifts such as sweets, new clothes, toys and some other gifts. And all the children who are present for the celebration are served some snacks and drinks.

Various awareness programs about hygiene in general, toilet facilities, etc .:

One of the important findings from the house-to-house survey that we have carried out in this area is that malnutrition and diarrhea are the biggest health hazards. To combat diarrhea, we have implemented several programs for cleanliness, hygiene and the use of toilets for school children.

Annual excursion for the children in our working areas::

Once a year, most of the children in our working areas are taken on a day trip. These children never had the opportunity to leave their village for an excursion or tour. We give them an opportunity to have a day of not only fun and enjoyment, but also visits to places of cultural and historical interest. Children are accompanied by our school teachers and social workers. Nutritious food and snacks are also offered during these trips.

Annual gatherings for local communities:

During the Christmas and New Year season, we arrange a "gift day" every year. This is an opportunity we give people to share gifts with the children who are part of our programs. During this event, all the children receive some gifts that we collect from the local donors through campaigns that we run during the season. During this event, cultural programs are also held where children show off their talents. Children are also awarded recognition prizes for best performance in school, as well as in various talent competitions, sporting events, etc. held earlier in the year.


The above are just some of the many programs SevaChildren implements for children in the working areas. We are very happy that as a result of these small interventions we are able to see a visible impact and difference in the lives of these children.


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