Hygiene box

US$ 30

  • NOK: kr 250

Give a vulnerable family the opportunity to protect themselves against the covid-19 virus and other infectious diseases



A hygiene box for families in our working areas during these covid-19 times is worth its weight in gold. Most families - without a job in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic - can rarely afford to purchase such items. This makes families more vulnerable to coronary heart disease, and you can help alleviate the risk by purchasing a hygiene kit. The hygiene box contains various disinfectant articles, face masks, soap, toothpaste / toothbrush, menstrual pads, shampoo, etc.

Give this gift to someone you love - may be that all of us will have a better daily life if we care a little more about each other, including people whom we don't know!

Upon purchase, you will automatically receive a PDF file with gift cards that you can print yourself. If you want a proper gift card, just let us know: info@sevachildren.no info@sevachildren.no then it will be sent in the mail to you. Pages 2 and 3 on the card are set aside so that you can write a nice message to the person who will receive the card.

Hygiene box

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