Kjære faddere, givere og andre støttespillere av SevaChildren!

We wish all of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Christmas celebration at «Ashagram» orphanage inTamil Nadhu

Once again we are about to complete a year - a very strange year. Did we really know what a real pandemic was? Hardly - but now we may know!

Thanks to all of you, we have during the year been able to work intensively in our working areas - throughout the year and especially during the pandemic when it was at its worst. Thousands of families are supported through this difficult period with meals, food rations, clean water, infection control equipment, financial support etc.

                              Distribution of food, water, hygiene articles and financial support to families during the pandemic

We have been able to follow-up the education to children in our working areas.





             Education Health Nutrition

A selection of pictures from the components in our sponsorship program (education-health-nutrition-family develpment and support to local communities)


                                        Family development Support to local communities

And, we have taken care of children at our orphanages both in Bangalore and in Tamil Nadhu. And finally, we have been able to repair the orphanage in Tamil Nadhu through the partial construction of a new security wall around the orphanage. Although the wall is not quite finished yet, it already acts as a brake for wild elephants on their way to the lake to drink water. Until now, they have trodden right through the orphanage area and thus been a threat to the children residing there.


A selection of pictures from our orphanages (above “Ashanilaya” orphanage and below “Ashagram” orphanage)





In anticipation of the schools starting up again in India, the orphanage building in Tamil Nadhu has also been used as a home through the pandemic, for women who have been particularly exposed to domestic violence. And, we have had storage space for both food / water and infection control equipment in the building during the pandemic. Outside the new, internal safety fence that is under construction, we have also managed to plant a lot of fruit trees and vegetables, so that when the orphanage is back in operation, it will be self-sufficient with such things. It eases the costs of operation - and also provides money in a sluggish "orphanage account".

One room in one of our orphanages has during the pandemic been furnished in order to accomodate women exposed to domestic violence.

Papaya trees, a new inner safety wall and fruit trees being watered before being planted!

To all of you having contributed in 2020 to our projects – THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION! Hence, far more children will in 2021 be able to enjoy the ongoing programs in our working areas through SevaChildren Norway.

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Dear sponsors, donors and other supporters of SevaChildren Norway!