Kjære faddere, givere og andre støttespillere.

Thanks to you, thousands of children, adults - young and old - and single people in our working areas in India have been able to have a meal a day during these "Covid-19". Here, people are struggling with lack of support schemes when they cannot work. And, the government's strategy has been to lock in people without special support schemes. And think, just keeping track of 1.3 billion people is a challenge in itself.

As of April 17th, we have distributed 12,500 hot meals enough for 2 people each, that is, to 25,000 people. In addition, we have distributed 7,500 uncooked meals (rice, oil and other ingredients) that will each reach 5 people, that is, to 37,500 people. This means a total of 62,500 meals of food for hungry peoplewhich has no Government support to go to. And soaps, face masks, disposable gloves and other sanitary equipment are also distributed in large quantities. We have also made a positive impression in our work areas, and the Authorities have now come on the scene and offered us food at heavily subsidized prices that we can distribute to people in our working areas (actually duties of a Government!)).

We continue our work among India's marginalized peoples in these "covid-19 times", and will regularly keep you updated on our work in the field.

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A selection of photos from preparing food for the actual food distribution in our working areas

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