Measures implemented by SevaChildren Norway in India

The novel Corona Virus that began in China last November has spread steadfastly throughout the world and is now in India. With a population of approximately1.3 billion,

a sizeable percentage crammed into slums and overpopulated cities, the results of this pandemic, if uncontrolled will be catastrophic. To fight the CV spread, the government has had no options but to put in place lockdowns every where possible. These no-other government options have also created a vast HUMANTARIAN crisis in India..

In TMG Kote and in the other neighboring villages in Tamilnadu, whose children and families you support, the workforce as you know, is mostly day laborers and coolies who do the most menial of jobs. With the total shut downs, these individuals, both men and women have lost their jobs. The most marginalized populations generally do not have savings. They live on daily wage earnings which buy them the next day's food and groceries.

SevaChildren India, the NGO that you are all familiar with and through whom you support our families, proposes to resurrect Community Kitchens that were in place some years ago. We know that we can undertake such a project as we have already done so in the past. However, we cannot fully do this without your participation! We are appealing to your kindness and generosity to help us stave off large scale starvation that we already see coming.

A simple meal-a-day of rice and curry will cost about Rs. 25/- per meal. That is about US$0.35/meal. Til dette trenger vi ca. 225.000 kroner i måneden.

In the next two months we are prepared to provide up to 1500 meals/day to the most needy, at a cost of Rs. 1,125,000/month. That is about US$16,000/- month.

This is our proposed goal.

Fortunately, we already have on the ground Village Field Workers who are trained volunteers for SevaChildren India. Their work ethic and industry have proven them to be trustworthy and capable administrators of this type of Emergency program. The job of administering these village Community Kitchens will be entrusted to them. They will, additionally, maintain all the bookkeeping to document Family statistics: head of each family and the number of packets of food to be distributed to each family. Due to the nature of this Emergency, the prevention of starvation of already hungry villagers, we will launch our first Community Kitchen beginning with TMG Kote Village by utilizing part of the funding that is already available for our Child Sponsorship Programs. This is an APPEAL for funding to open other Community Kitchens in all the other villages where we have a presence. The opening of other Community Kitchens will depend solely on the amount of donations we shall receive. This pandemic situation has become most direful. People will die. We cannot stop that. But we can, with your donation, Prevent Starvation!

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