Nyhetsbrev nr. 1 – 2020



2020 was not quite the year we had imagined. The corona pandemic resulted in closed communities, a spread of infection we have not seen in our lifetime, fear and anxiety among the population, etc. etc. In the midst of this we worked among people in India who were worse off: closed jobs and loss of income, a government with inadequate health services, day laborers who had to walk back to their respective villages, food and water shortages, lack of sanitary equipment in connection with the pandemic, etc. etc.

As of the middle of March month this year, SevaChildren – in cooperation with SOTE in England (Salt of the Earth), Mother Foundation US in America, SevaChildren India and individual donors from all over the world – started a extensive relief work in all our working areas. SevaChildren Norway – i samarbeid med SOTE i England (Salt of the Earth), Mother Foundation US i Amerika, SevaChildren India og enkeltgivere fra hele verden – i gang med et omfattende hjelpearbeid i alle våre arbeidsområder.

Although we are considered a small NGO in Norwegian context, we can show impressive figures from our field work:

  1. Collected funds for the pandemic relief operation (to date): US $ 51.314,-
  2. Cooked meals distributed to ~ 180.000 persons in our working areas
  3. Food rations distributed to ~ 82.500 persons in our working areas
  4. ~ 60.000 liters of purified and filtered water distributed in our working areas
  5. 1.000 soaps distributed in our working areas
  6. 1.000 antibac units distributed in our working areas
  7. 1.000 masks distributed in our working areas
  8. Financial relief assistance of US $ 61/each to 250 families in our working areas
  9. All children in our programs going to high school have been given a support of US $ 3,50/each for installation of decoder for distance learning
  10. Temporary employment of teachers to give extra tution to children in all our working areas. After the extra tution every child is given an additional meal

As the only organization in our working areas in India, we will of course continue the work in connection with the corona pandemic as long as the money from our donors and well wishers lasts! Due to the pandemic, we have already discovered school children who have been sent out to work - and teenage girls who are now pregnant due to lack of protection.

Read a little from what the International media are writing about the covid-19 pandemic in India:

  1. “Lionhearted” Girl Bikes Dad Across India, Inspiring a Nation – The New York Times
  2. What the Coronavirus Means for Future of India ! Time
  3. India’s “Maximum City” Engulfed by Coronavirus – The New York Times

An image cavalcade from our covid-19 operations in our working areas!

Some reflections on the other work of SevaChildren Norway

More and more children in our programs receive support from sponsors. We are happy about this. But, we cannot rest on our laurels - we need more and more sponsors, and you can help us with that. If we can all just recruit one sponsor each, many more children will be able to fulfill their dream of schooling. Do you take the challenge? Then you can help a friend, your neighbor or others to register here: en fadder hver, vil mange flere barn kunne få oppfylt drømmen sin om skolegang. Tar du utfordringen? Da kan du hjelpe en venn, naboen eller andre med å registrere seg her:

Sponsor a child through SevaChildren Norway

I 2016 startet vi rehabiliteringen av barnehjemmet “Ashagram” i delstaten Tamil Nadhu. Vi har i rehabiliteringsperioden hatt ulike innsamlingsaksjoner, og gjennom trofaste givere over hele verden har vi totalt samlet inn kr. 112.946,- til rehabiliteringsarbeidet. Vi kan når vi vil, selv om vi er små!

This is what the orphanage and the start of the inner security wall around it looked like - and now looks like:

The Orphanage in 2016
Here the wall is coming
The Orphanage in 2020


Here the wall is coming


Contribute to the construction of the wall here

What else have we focused on in our working areas?

After the first pandemic wave has calmed down somewhat, SevaChildren Norway has, among other things, focused on:

  1. To help villagers who are in dire need of trying to find work, as many of them are day laborers where jobs have disappearing.
  2. We also try to help villagers against greedy landlords so that they can still have a place to live until they find a new job.
  3. In addition, we also work with:
    1. Begrensning av vold mot kvinner i hjemmet. Ved vårt barnehjem “Ashagram” i delstaten Tamil Nadhu har vi også opprettet et midlertidig mottak for kvinner som er særlig utsatt for vold i hjemmet. Her kan de føle seg trygge mens våre sosialarbeidere arbeider med familien.
    2. Support to children who, due to closed schools, have lost their lunch meal (which for many is the only safe daily meal)
    3. Minimizing of school-age children being taken out of school to work
    4. Through various financial institutions help villagers with loans so that they can support their families - until they find work again
    5. For some families who have their own land, we have also given goats / chickens so that they can get started with their lives again
    6. We are also trying to get more families to start with kitchen gardens so that vegetables can be available at no particular cost

2020 was thus the year when nothing went as planned, and where our efforts have been maximized in order to save lives during this period.

We therefore hope that the remainder of 2020 will give us time to continue to focus on other activities such as normal school contact, health checks in general, proper nutrition, development of both families and communities and normal operation of our 2 orphanages in Bangalore and Tamil Nadhu.



All our communication with sponsors and supporters is through electronic means. Hence, we are dependant upon having correct addresses!

News letter no. 1 - 2020