Smitten i India øker dramatisk, og vi behøver din hjelp nå!!

Have you seen the development of the corona situation in India? Our people are on the ground there but need your support to be able to save lives!

In India, the corona pandemic is now not just a wave, but a tsunami. Even the grossly underreported official figures published by the authorities are in themselves frightening, with daily infections affecting 400,000 newly infected people and between 3,000 - 4,000 dead.

19.1 million Indians have so far been diagnosed with covid-19 disease, and the death toll has now exceeded 212,000.

At the same time, many crematoria and burial grounds in India say that the official corona death rates are nowhere near reflecting the increase in the number of deaths they actually receive. And, now Indians have started throwing their dead corona-infected bodies into rivers in India as crematorium costs rise.

The Covid 19 in India is increasing dramatically and we need your help now.

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