Støtt Ashagram Orphanage (Gjennom GlobalGiving)

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The main focus for this project will be to create an inner safety compound to keep wild elephants away from children living at our orphanage. This is a necessity for children’s safety as well as ensuring renewal of permission from the Government Authorities. In addition, we need to link the water system to the building in order to have 24/7 water available for the children. Increasing the number of children from 20 to 50 also needs an expansion of the kitchen-cum-dining facilities.

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1. A safety compound wall to enclose the residential buildings, front garden and front side basketball ground. The compound wall is great urgent necessity to prevent wild elephants roaming through these areas during the night. Urgent because renewal of Government permissions might be delayed due to potential risk to the children’s safety. 2. Completion of Borewell work to ensure steady supply of water to the Orphanage. 3. Expansion of kitchen-cum-dining facilities to cater for 50 orphans.


The project will ensure renewal of Government permission for running the Orphanage, as inner security wall will prevent wild elephants from entering the compound. Completion of our Borewell connection work will ensure 24/7 steady water supply to the Orphanage. Last, but not the least, is the expansion of the kitchen-cum-dining facilities which will enable us to intake larger number of orphan children. The above actions will help us run the Orphanage properly.

Long-Term Impact

The whole environment at the Orphanage will be improved. With regard to the wider impact of the project, the greater community and local Authorities know that they can count on this institution for support to families in crisis, weather on long term, medium term or short term basis. One of the immediate benefits of this program is that we shall be able to provide care to the increased number of very deserving orphan children with no one to provide for them such basic care

Støtt Ashagram Orphanage (Gjennom GlobalGiving)

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