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SevaChildren is an international initiative that provides support for programs in India, in terms of professionalism and financial resources. It is our contacts and networks in India who know where the shoe pushes and who performs work aimed at village development, education, health care and orphanage. Because we work as a partner with an Indian organization, help comes to those who need it.

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About us

Vårt arbeid

Our Work

SevaChildren is a humanitarian organization headquartered in Oslo. Our value base is based on equal rights for all

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Our projects

Read more about our five main components in our extensive remote deployment program

Våre samarbeidspartnere

Our partners

SevaChildren India is a non-sectarian, non-religious, non-joint organization that started in 2011 to fight poverty among children in India

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SevaChildren was started as an answer to one of India's modern tragedies, where an estimated 80 million homeless and poor children live

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Our latest news and status on our development projects and remote application programs

"It's stupid to be too sure of your own wisdom. It's healthy to be reminded that the strongest can falter and the wisest fall"

- Mahatma Gandhi

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