Support children for higher education

US$ 36

  • NOK: kr 300

We want to be able to follow-up on children in our working areas which have the ability and will, and which want it themselves, to take further education beyond High School.



Education in India - as in the rest of the world - is the key to a better life. Many of the youths who are currently enrolled in our programs are now approaching the age where they have finished High School. We want to be able to help them further through grants for expenses when they start at other schools, be it vocational education, university or other forms of study. You can help give these youths the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

Give this gift to someone you love - may be that all of us will have a better daily life if we care a little more about each other, including people whom we don't know!

Upon purchase, you will automatically receive a PDF file with gift cards that you can print yourself. If you want a proper gift card, just let us know: then it will be sent in the mail to you. Pages 2 and 3 on the card are set aside so that you can write a nice message to the person who will receive the card.

Support children for higher education

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