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"Children must be in focus of everything we are doing"

SevaChildren Norway is a humanitarian Organization with its headquarter based in Oslo, Norway. Our values are based on equal rights for everybody, regardless of sex, etnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability or social status.
The Organization was founded in 2011 with the aim of fighting child powerty in India.
Our vision is to provide safe, good and professionally enriching environments for children in India. Our aim is to improve living conditions for children in India. We do this through:

Comprehensive sponsorship programmes

We are follow the UN convention of child rights in our work

Through our comprehensive sponsorship programmes we put education as a priority. Education helps increase skills and knowledge - which in turn helps to increase the opportunities for work, higher income and a better adult life.
We also aim to fight for a fair world that strengthens children's rights and especially gender equality for girls. In our education projects, we aim at 80% of the students being girls.
Vi jobber for at barn skal kunne bo i egne familier. Men, i ekstremt vanskelige livssituasjoner kan familier slite med å dekke barns behov for omsorg og trygghet. Da har barn mulighet for å dekke slike behov gjennom midlertid eller lengre opphold på våre to barnehjem. «Ashanilaya» barnehjem for jenter i storbyen Bangalore og «Ashagram» barnehjem for gutter på landsbygda i delstaten Tamil Nadhu.

As we consider the child and its family as part of the local community - and the local community as part of India as a country - it is important that all parts of society work best: houses, schools, water supply, roads and streets etc. etc. Hence, our contributions in this area are also very important.

No matter where a child lives, they have the right to equal opportunities for development. Our organization therefore works for children's participation and the right to be heard!

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