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  • NOK: kr 190

We greatly appreciate your interest in sponsoring a child. It costs US $ 35/Euro 25 per month. You will receive an intake report with photos and information about the child. Every 6 months you will receive a progress report of the child that says something about how things are going at school and other things that happens in the child's family. In addition, the child can send translated greetings to his/her sponsor at various intervals.

SevaChildren Norway will assign you a child to be sponsored when you choose this gift. You will then shortly receive information about your sponsored child, and log-in details to our sponsor portal.



SevaChildren helps one child at a time!

In order to fully understand the importance of supporting a single child, and thereby helping the family and the local community, one must understand the conditions and environment of the child and the family; every day, all year and often throughout life.

The families lives in small houses with only one room and the houses are made of mud, and they must survive on an average income less than US $ 6 a day. This will cover all the basic needs of the family. There is no proper flooring in the house; they eat their meals here, pray and sleep on this dirty floor. When the rain comes, the floor transforms into mud and water ponds. Most of these families use water from a common public water source in the village. The water is generally of very poor quality and to access it often means long walks. And remember - a walk takes place in extreme heat and also in bad weather conditions.


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