US$ 35

  • NOK: kr 190

We greatly appreciate your interest in sponsoring a child. It costs $US 35/Euro 25 per month. You will receive an intake report with photos and information about the child. Every 6 months you will receive a progress report of the child that says something about how things are going at school and other things that happen in the child's family. In addition, the child can send translated greetings to his sponsor at various intervals.

SevaChildren will assign you a sponsor child when you choose this gift. You will then shortly receive information about your sponsor child, and login to our sponsor portal.

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SevaChildren was started in response to one of India's modern tragedies where estimated 80 million homeless and poor children live. Today, SevaChildren focus on a few villages and slums in Southeast India, where poverty and hopelessness are extreme and the need for support for these children is very important. We work with our Indian sister organization SevaChildren India. Our main priorities are to focusing on children in some areas, and then expanding our services to include more children in the region. We believe that we can make the most of your contributions, by giving greater benefits to more children in need.

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