FN’s bærekraftsmål nr. 3: God helse

Health and poverty are often interlinked. Although good health is a human right, it is far from a reality in India. It's still a long time before all people in India can live a dignified life, with good health. For example, India had the world's third largest HIV epidemic in 2015. Poverty must be combated, health-promoting measures must be initiated and sustainable development must be established

We reserve approx. 5% of our sponsorship budget to ensure that necessary healthcare is provided to children and adults in our working areas

Lack of vitamin A can cause blindness, weakening of the immune system and inhibition of growth. Hence, we have focused on Vitamin A as an integral part of the sponsorship program

Vitamin A capsules are distributed throughout India to children under the age of 5 years. In addition, various vitamins are distributed to lactating mothers

Donate a choosen sum for fighting Covid in India