Family work is an integral part of the sponsorship program

Our philosophy is that we can not work effectively with the children unless we also are involving the whole family. Through the children we reach the whole family and through the family we reach the whole community. Children do not live isolated but are an integral part of the family, which in turn is part of the community. Hence, development work involving children can not be done without also including the family to which the child belongs and the community in which the family lives

What do we do:

  • Minor repair of homes
  • Support in special cases to families in crisis:
    • Food
    • Healthcare
  • Home visits to families
  • Family Counseling
  • Parental meetings
  • Skills training and securing of jobs for parents and siblings
  • In most cases, we also help families to:
    • Create sustainable jobs
    • Breeding of goats
    • Breeding of cows
    • Establishment of small trading companies
    • Support to the purchase of agricultural materials

About 10% of the sponsorship budget is used for family work